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Do you need to reconsider your LAN / WAN design?

How reliable and cost effective is your network infrastructure? There are constant advances in the computer industry that make professional business solutions easier and cheaper to implement than ever before. Racks of old servers can be now replaced with self healing ‘blade’ servers, and virtual computing now becoming more popular, meaning multiple servers available for the price of one.

Do you have resilience / redundancy on critical systems?

What would downtime actually cost you? There are many levels of fault tolerance available. The cheaper options include implementing RAID (hard disk 'mirroring’ or ‘striping’). This protects you from one of the most common scenarios which is hard disk failure. The more extensive options include server redundancy. This is a solution that provides complete resilience of a server by having a ‘hot spare’ ready to take over and thus you are also protected from faulty CPU, RAM, motherboard, power supply etc. Data is replicated across the servers in real time and monitoring software installed on both servers and constantly watching to see if it needs to switch the role of the ‘passive’ server to ‘active’. The costs for this type of solution largely depend on which enterprise applications are running.


Is clearing SPAM taking up too much of your time?

Many businesses find that their staff are spending a significant amount of time wading through spam. It presents a threat to network security, as much spam is in fact providing links to websites which are capable of infecting your network. Scalable solutions are available that will prevent spam from entering your inboxes, whether you maintain one mailbox or 1,000.


Is your business network secure from internet hackers?

Could your competition (or anyone else) gain unauthorised access to your network? Peripheral security is the deployment of enterprise level firewalls. Often these have additional modules available that will provide internet content filtering and anti-spam rules to best protect you from the worst of the web.


Can you rely 100% on your existing backup solution?

Some people will tell you that a business is only as good as its last backup. These are usually people who have learned the hard way. Backing up your data should be as obvious as it is important, but so many people just don’t think data loss will happen to them. A well implemented backup solution should be as painless as pushing a tape into a drive every day. Remember that it is also important to take tapes off-site, for protection from fire and flood etc.


Do your staff need training on 'off the shelf' or bespoke in-house systems?

Having a confident and trainied workforce means less mistakes and more productivity.


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