Remote Support

In many cases your computer can be fixed without even needing to be on-site. This helps to keep costs down.


All that is required for remote support is that the computer can boot into windows, and that you can see the internet. If that is possible then you may be able to save time and money!


The type of computer problems that can be rectified remotely are performance and application issues and some windows problems too, so it's always worth a call to find out if this is suitable for you.


We use a small downloadable program to initiate the remote session, it does not even need installing, just download and run. It will give you a code that you need to tell us over the phone and that's it!


The price for remote support is just €30 for up to an hour. Many problems can fixed remotely in an hour, and as always, it's no fix - no fee!


Call to find out more on 97 758 905


Click to download and run the remote host file