Computer Repair


Identifying whether a faulty computer has a hardware issue or a software problem are usually the first steps needed to be able to repair a computer. Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes it isn't. With the correct diagnostic tools this can be diagnosed quickly.

Once that has been established appropriate measures can be taken, often it's a very quick and cost effective job to get a computer back up and running again.

Computer Upgrades


There is a misconception that computers are getting cheaper all the time. Well for a long time that was true, but for many years we have seen the prices of PC's and Laptops remain fairly static, although the specification of what we consider to be budget equipment gets better and better, but the fact remains that replacing your older computer equipment is quite expensive.

Most computers have several upgrade options available, whether it is upgrading RAM, Hard drives, Processors, Graphics cards etc, identifying the best approach and upgrading your existing computer will almost always be a lot cheaper than replacing it.

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